I think we all can agree that the exchange of information amongst people is something that is beneficial to all. Yet, we have heard so many times from employees from big organisations about its silo mentality and politics. Perhaps it is not a surprise that we experience this even in schools (even more so for a part-time course like us). After all, we must have developed these superfluous traits and attitudes in schools, right?

This page is not about me, really. It is about you. I have graduated and I am more than willing to share my knowledge (if any, to you) and tips. I am not running a popularity contest here but I would definitely be more than happy to be able to help more people (juniors).  So, the ball is in your court now. If you ever find anything useful here, it is your choice to whether share this page with your classmates or not. This, I believe, is the dilemma of knowledge-sharing. You will define your own ‘Nash Equilibrium’.

If you are sceptical about the posts that I write, this is actually good news! Because I have just stimulated your thinking! A dull, unchallenging essay never gets top grades, agree?

So do me a favour too, please comment and translate your thoughts to me for a good and meaningful discussion. Thank you, and I wish you a very nice day.

Got a question? 

Post a comment with your email and I will reply you as soon as I can. Alternatively, you may also send an email to sguomstudent@hotmail.co.uk


3 thoughts on “Enterlude

  1. Hola Bro,

    I didn’t catch you name, my apologies.

    This is a cool blog and you’ve got a new buddy – right now haha
    I’m in NS now, contemplating between UOM > UOL > RMIT > UOBir
    In fact, this is a common issue faced by our society as many tend to compare & contrast in terms of recognition/prestige/difficulty/denominations etc.

    Being a cool cat, I intended to proceed with my first choice UOM and like to have a hindsight please.


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