PMC notes!

PMC 1 pmc 2 pmc 3 pmc 4 pmc 5 pmc 6 pmc 7 pmc 8

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5 thoughts on “PMC notes!

  1. Hi,

    Been referencing from your notes a lot. Thanks a lot for sharing them! Really useful.

    Could I also ask under Critiques of bureaucracy, how do you expand on irrationality of rationality? Thanks in advance! Have a great day ahead 🙂

    • Hi! Im so sorry! Because I didnt reply you in time. Please excuse me because im currently into my new job and last week was my assessment, so I really couldn’t find the time to re-read the topics and reply you. Nevertheless, I hope you did well!

      For any queries, if possible please send them as early as possible.. I hate to disappoint you but sometimes I may take a tad longer to reply. But I will ALWAYS DO MY BEST!

      what is the next module?

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