PMC notes! (Part 2)

PMC 2.1 pmc 2.2 pmc 2.3 pmc 2.4


5 thoughts on “PMC notes! (Part 2)

  1. thank you so much! may i ask how did you spot the topics that you’ve decided to study? what’s your criteria for picking up that topic? like based on importance or complexity etc.

    have an awesome horse year!

    • Hi there! Wishing you an awesome year ahead too! Thanks for commenting! Usually I will focus on the topics that I can relate to for easier understanding or the topics mentioned by the lecturer/facilitator. But it is always important to read the first lecture to get an overview of the subject, so as to get the bigger picture and able to write a more comprehensive essay. 🙂 all the best!

  2. Hello! I have just managed to proceed to year 3 and the current module is International marketing. My cumulative result so far is at a second lower. Do you think it might be possible for me to work hard enough for a 1st class or if I am already struggling in year 2 modules, very unlikely for me to do better in year 3? Is it much harder to score?

    • Hello! So sorry for the late response! I was so busy at work everyday so please pardon me! First of all, congrats for your progression to Year 3! What is your current grades? High second lower I presume… as the old saying goes, anything is possible. But it is also good to know which are the subjects you did not do so well in year 2 and how related are those subjects related to the final year. If your grades were pulled down my mathematical subjects, then you might be able to do even better in your final year since you will only be taking one subject related to numbers which is Advanced corporate finance (if I can recall correctly). Whilst it is good to give yourself a target, at the same time don’t overstress yourself, focus on one subject at a time. Give your best shot because we have gave so much money (or rather, our parents’) and sacrifice for this. Last but not least, (not lying but speaking from experience), most of my peeps did better in the final year, so this maybe one extra bit of motivation for you to aim high. All the best! 🙂

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