PMC – Overview

I always attempt to understand the gist of the subject so as to motivate/make myself less hate the subject. So I think it is important to give a summarised overview (hopefully, you will find it more interesting and something you can relate to than the notes). Plus, you are studying a business management degree! This module is the closest you can get to relate to management in this course… so please do well!

Some of the concepts taught are actually pretty simple, like Taylorism & Fordism. But along the way came some gey kiang academics wrote their own theory and we end up have to study them as well. But let’s put that aside for a moment. Imagine that you have just been promoted to a manager in your current company.How will you manage your team? Will your behaviour change or  will you choose to remain status quo and at the back of your mind wondering if your subordinates who were once your fellow colleagues step over your head? You, having worked with them long enough to know their strengths and weaknesses, will surely want to further improve the team efficiency and effectiveness, wouldn’t you? But will they be happy with the changes that you are to implement? The dynamics of social and organisational factors are at play here. This is essentially about People, Management and Change.

Theories tend to be boring and something we can’t relate to. But I guarantee you, with a bit of imagination and interest, you will be able to relate to the theories well and digest the notes better.

As the lecturer said, all these theories and ideology are for debate. There is no right answer. But the best one would be a well-balanced argument backed by the various root disciplines (sociology, psychology, economies, political, etc.) concluded by critical points. More marks will be considered (disclaimer: from my own observation only) for writing your own experiences and linking it back to the topics covered, so it doesn’t mean you can slack so much for this module. 😛

At this point of time I really have an urge to talk about the orthodox vs critical theory. But I think uploading my own notes will help you better. So that’s all for now. The next post onwards will be notes. If you wish me to type some texts like this one, just drop me a comment or private msg. (PS: dropping a comment DOES help, at least I have a sensing what my mini audience want to see and read)

Thanks! and happy CNY to all of you. HUAT AH!