Lecture 2: Globalisation


PLC came out in one of the questions during my time. Remember, if you are going to purely memorise the textbook/notes, you probably will get the most a B. If you attempt any of the questions given without prior preparations, don’t be surprised if you receive anything more than 50. In my opinion, this lecturer is one of the more, if not the most strictest marker in this 2-year programme. I kid you not. However,  she is also not stingy with her marks. The results we gotten ranged between the two extremes of the spectrum. Likewise the same applies for International Business 2, another module conducted by the same lecturer.

Please make the extra effort to read, if I have to rank in terms of priorities, I would say: 1. Textbook 2.Notes & Articles (summarised articles given by lecturer/facilitator) 3. Academia readings (the more important ones are the case studies) 4. Daily Newspaper (focus on World news, it might be time saving for you if you already know what chapters you are going to focus on and pick up articles that are related or will enhance your background knowledge). For the extra hardcore or with a lot of spare time to spare and think that the reading materials are too little or wants to ace this module, you may want to read up on The Economist (I hope to share 1-2 latest articles).

See below for the notes that I have made. This blog has a number of views already but the main audience aren’t the people studying in this course! Please feedback/comment/share!! Your responses are what gonna keep me going to maintain this blog. Drop me an email if you need to.  sguomstudent.hotmail.co.uk



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