Congratulations on your completion of Quantitative Methods for Management examination yesterday!

International Business is next. My word of advice: be prepared to put in A LOT of effort to do well.

Failure rate is relatively high as compared to other modules. Tips/notes will be posted as and when time permits. Stay tuned!

Lecture 1. Introduction (Day 1)

Lecture 2. Globalisation (Day 1)

Lecture 3. Pre-Ricardian views on trade and the theory of comparative advantage (Day 2)

Lecture 4. The Heckscher-Ohlin Model and theory of trade (Day 2)

Lecture 5. Economies of scale, imperfect competition and the new trade theory (Day 2)

Lecture 6. The political economy of international trade (Day 2)

Lecture 7. The world trade system (Day 3)

Lecture 8. Regional economic integration (Day 4)

Lecture 9. Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) (Day 5)

Lecture 10. The political economy of FDI (Part I) (Day 6)

Lecture 11. Political economy of FDI (Part II)/ Course Revision (Day 7)


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