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how is everyone doing? hope all of you are on the right track towards the results you want! last few modules to go, don’t give up!


Hi. Welcome to Year 3.

Hello guys, if you guys are still following this blog, I apologise for the lack of posts. I know this is your final year and you are currently taking International Marketing, but I am just so so busy at work that I hardly have time to sleep/eat. Please bear with me…. do keep posting comments so that I know I am not the only one in this blog… haha. 


Just one random advice for this subject which I can think of off hand. You are less likely to do well in this subject if you quote the used-for-the-umpteen-times examples like Apple (in my opinion Apple is no longer reversionary, amazing, most powerful, bla bla bla as it used to be), Google, Samsung, Starbucks…etc. Yet at the same time you might find it risky to mention brands that are not big enough for the marker to know. Perhaps you could spend some time to do some research on brands that you know that long existed and study how they sustain/maintain their position in the market. Examples would be 3M, Lego (how it reinvented its core business model), Virgin Group (going for the niche markets), Dropbox/Whatsapp (free software/applications), Zippo (repositioning), Amazon (from online bookstore to online supermarket, staying relevant). And yes, back up with some flops like Eastman Kodak (another frequent used example), BlackBerry/Nokia (once market leaders in their own rights’, but their failures were also due to their success, likewise for Eastman Kodak), Dell, Motorola, Yahoo, MSN Messenger, etc.


Ok, I need to get some sleep now. Goodnight all! Hope it helps a little. 

PMC – Overview

I always attempt to understand the gist of the subject so as to motivate/make myself less hate the subject. So I think it is important to give a summarised overview (hopefully, you will find it more interesting and something you can relate to than the notes). Plus, you are studying a business management degree! This module is the closest you can get to relate to management in this course… so please do well!

Some of the concepts taught are actually pretty simple, like Taylorism & Fordism. But along the way came some gey kiang academics wrote their own theory and we end up have to study them as well. But let’s put that aside for a moment. Imagine that you have just been promoted to a manager in your current company.How will you manage your team? Will your behaviour change or  will you choose to remain status quo and at the back of your mind wondering if your subordinates who were once your fellow colleagues step over your head? You, having worked with them long enough to know their strengths and weaknesses, will surely want to further improve the team efficiency and effectiveness, wouldn’t you? But will they be happy with the changes that you are to implement? The dynamics of social and organisational factors are at play here. This is essentially about People, Management and Change.

Theories tend to be boring and something we can’t relate to. But I guarantee you, with a bit of imagination and interest, you will be able to relate to the theories well and digest the notes better.

As the lecturer said, all these theories and ideology are for debate. There is no right answer. But the best one would be a well-balanced argument backed by the various root disciplines (sociology, psychology, economies, political, etc.) concluded by critical points. More marks will be considered (disclaimer: from my own observation only) for writing your own experiences and linking it back to the topics covered, so it doesn’t mean you can slack so much for this module. 😛

At this point of time I really have an urge to talk about the orthodox vs critical theory. But I think uploading my own notes will help you better. So that’s all for now. The next post onwards will be notes. If you wish me to type some texts like this one, just drop me a comment or private msg. (PS: dropping a comment DOES help, at least I have a sensing what my mini audience want to see and read)

Thanks! and happy CNY to all of you. HUAT AH!


Examination Notice

Hi guys,

As you can see, I have posted all my notes for IB. Sift out whatever you find useful, some information might not be as relevant anymore. For example, the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations started more than 3 years ago and was estimated to be completed in July 2012, but talks have been stalled (http://www.globalpost.com/dispatch/news/kyodo-news-international/131201/japan-cannot-make-further-concession-us-tpp-talks-mini ; just one of the obstacles faced so far). I do hope that you are reading the current news on a regular basis to stay relevant, though it does not guarantee any help for the examinations. As mentioned in my previous post, the textbook is a safe bet. (no, I don’t take any sales commission from it, lol)

I remembered the lecturer mentioned to us that we, as business students, it is only our duty to read the newspaper everyday. Agree?

This is the final preparation week, if you haven’t started revising for it, please do not visit this blog praying for a miracle tip. Lol. Reason being, I have already uploaded all my notes to you guys, though I do have some more notes that I wrote on the academia articles, they are not with me right now! So, if you have any problem understanding any article, please make the extra effort to send it to me via email (sguomstudent@hotmail.co.uk). The only promise I can give you is I will reply within 2 days. 😀 Below are a few tips:

1. Read the title and the summary/abstract. Understanding what points the writer is trying to make. This make sound like a stupid tip but more than often, we are so absorbed (actually, bored) by the article we started reading blindly and wasted time reading the not as important information like the methodology and hypothesises. Have a good grasp of the concepts and most importantly, the conclusion. Another important information to remember is of course, the author(s) and the year that the article was published.

2. Do you want to me the master of one (few) or the jack of all trades but master of none? Time, unfortunately is not on your side now. If you are the ambitious type and want to study for all chapters, there is a major risk that you are over-stressing yourself and insufficient depth of knowledge to tackle any topics. That being said, it is only my personal opinion and everyone has a different studying style. 🙂 But sometimes it is just so hard to study chapters where we are totally disinterested or find it hard to comprehend,isn’t it?

3.  Nobody likes to read a boring essay. How willing are you to stretch yourself to write something that is not being taught (not out of context, please). Or are you confident enough to tackle questions not attempted by many? If you are the conservative type, as least…

4. Attempt to write neatly, or at least legibly. Yes, it is hard. But it is harder for the marker to understand what you are trying to say. You might have some really good points to make at the latter part of your essay, but you will only score well if the marker is able to read to that point.


5. At much as we don’t want it sometimes, we compare.

That is how the grades are given isn’t it? No marks moderation can be a good/bad thing. Just imagine yourself as the marker, and you have just finished grading a A+ essay. The next essay is of a B standard; how sure are you that you would give this guy a B? Will your judgement be affected because of the previous guy? Yes, the actual marker has a lot of years of giving grades, he/she should be fair and impartial. But that is only our assumption. Not trying to complicate a simple marking system, but isn’t it a more favourable situation if the guy before you scored a C/D and then the essay to be marked is written by you? Or should I say, a more desirable situation? How good this method is, we will never know.

Do you agree with me? If yes, I will leave it to you to interpret how this is a tip. Maybe you will know what to do. 🙂 If you disagree with me, I am sorry I wasted your 1 minute to read, but I do hope what I have wrote above make some sense! Once again, all the best for your paper next week!